среда, 4 июня 2008 г.

AHA and Yahoo

A Vancouver marketing and communications firm has started work on what could grow into a major contract with Yahoo Inc.

"We're working with Yahoo on internal communications through a time of change and some confusion," said Betsy Henning, who along with Brenda Alling owns Alling Henning Associates Inc.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., Internet search company is facing rumors about talks with Google, an unsolicited takeover bid from Microsoft Corp., and intense scrutiny from shareholders.

"We're helping the management team communicate effectively with employees about what is going on, and also helping address employees' fear and anxiety," Henning said. "We're trying to keep people's energy, attention and focus on creating value at the company and getting their work done. It will go beyond written materials and be more like a campaign. We use e-mail, newsletters, printed pieces, posters and events."

Refining project

Alling Henning Associates Inc., which goes by AHA!, met with Yahoo about a week ago, Henning said, and has so far helped to edit speeches and communications to employees.

The full scope of AHA!'s work with Yahoo has not yet been determined, she said. "We are putting together proposals for the bigger campaign, and we'll be meeting with them over the next couple of weeks to refine a plan."

AHA!, headquartered at 415 W. Sixth St., will not reveal the financial details of the arrangement. The firm employs about 35 people.

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